Jianmin Chen
Fudan University, China
Title : Pollutants Emission by Agricaltural Straws Burning in China
Abstract :
Biography :

He received  PhD in the Department of Chemistry, Fudan University in 1993. He is working in the Department of Environmental Science & Engineering in the same University. He had been a visiting Professor in the School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA from March 1996  to April 1997.
Dr. Chen’s interest is aerosol, atmospheric pollutants and impact on climate change. His team is now focusing on laboratory study and field measurement of biomass burning emission, haze formation and its climate effect. Dr. Chen has published over 110 papers, 16 Chinese patents, 3 co-edited  books. He is the PI of over 20 projects founded by National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Education of China, Framework Programme 7th, et al.. He is the member of 10 journal editorial board such as  Aerosol and Air Quality Research. He received 16 honors and awards including the Baosteel Distinguished Teacher Award in 2010 and the 1st  Rank Award of Natural Sciences by the Ministry of Education of China in 2008.

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