Geng Lin
Chief Technology Officer, Networking Business, Dell Inc., USA
Title : Cloud Computing and IT Industry: Business Opportunities and Technical challenges
Abstract :

Cloud computing has recently emerged as a major paradigm shift in the Information Technology (IT) industry. The “cloud” model is widely recognized as the 3rd generation paradigm for the IT industry, and will bring profound impact to virtually all segments in the IT industry, ranging from computing, networking, to software applications. Yet the field of cloud computing is still in very early stage - industry leaders and academia researchers are expanding this field rapidly.

This keynote session will present the many facets of cloud computing, covering both the business and the technology perspectives. We will discuss key technology areas associated with cloud computing, such as virtualization and cloud middleware architecture, multi-tenant cloud service architecture, cloud-optimized network architecture, Internet-scale “big data” warehousing and processing in cloud, cloud security and performance, integration of cloud services with enterprise applications, inter-cloud service interoperability, etc. We will also examine the business implications stemming from the fundamental technological paradigm shifts such as the cloud-centric programming model vs. the client-server programming model, intelligent network for cloud services vs. “dumb” network for layer-3 connectivity, Internet-scale data mining and processing vs. enterprise-scale data mining and processing, just to name a few. Under this context, we will discuss and compare the cloud business strategies from various IT industry leaders and provide the audience with the first hand view of cloud computing from the industry perspective.

Biography :

Dr. Geng Lin is the Chief Technology Officer of Networking Business at Dell Inc. In this role, he has the overall responsibility for technology strategy, system architecture, product innovation, and partnership and acquisition of key technologies, for Dell's networking business worldwide. Dell provides integrated technology solutions in the IT industry and is a worldwide leader in delivering cloud computing solutions. Dell has annual revenue over $60 billion in fiscal year 2011.
Before joining Dell, Dr. was the Chief Technology Officer of IBM Alliance at Cisco Systems where he was responsible for the technology strategy, innovation, and solution development of the joint Cisco-IBM solution portfolio worldwide. The Cisco-IBM Alliance delivers multi-billion dollar business revenues from a broad solution portfolio that covers data center virtualization and cloud computing, and video and rich media applications. Prior to Cisco, Dr. Lin served as Vice President of Software Applications at Netopia Inc., a Motorola company. Dr. Lin is a leading authority in communications networking and cloud computing, and is a frequent speaker at various conferences and industry tradeshows. He received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Peking University and Ph.D. degree from University of British Columbia, all in Computer Science (1985, 88, and 93). He currently resides in California, USA with his wife and daughter.

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