Celin Hin

2009 MIT, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Advisors: Prof. M.S. Dresselhaus and Prof. G. Chen

Research Topics:
- Vacancy clustering and diffusion in heavily P doped Si.
- Electronic structure and thermoelectric properties in PbTe alloys.
- Low temperature membrane free desalination by selective removal & recovery of water.
2007 MIT, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Advisors: Prof. W. C. Carter
Research Topic: Phase transformations in olivine-based cathode as a materials selection criterion for
high power rechargeable batteries.
2006 UC Berkeley, Department of Nuclear Engineering
Advisor: Prof. B.D. Wirth

Research Topics:
- Formation of Y-Ti-O nanoclusters in nanostructured ferritic alloys.
- Effects of grain boundary anisotropy on nucleation of Ni3Al precipitates in Ni-Al alloys.
2005 CEA Saclay, France, Service de Recherche de Métallurgie Physique
Thesis advisor: Prof. Y. Bréchet (INPG) in collaboration with ARCELOR.
Thesis: Heterogeneous precipitation of NbC in ferrite by Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation.

2008 MIT, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Thermodynamics of Materials, Co-Lecturer (Spring 2008).
2000-04 University of Marne La Vallée, department of Physics
Teaching Assistant, Freshman and Sophomore Physics.
Responsible for laboratory component. Co-developed curriculum. Initiated use of computation for
physics education.

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