David Cartes
Florida State University, USA

 Dr. David Cartes is the Director of Florida State University’s Institute for Energy Systems, Economics and Sustainability. IESES is a public resource, which performs scholarly basic research and analysis in engineering science, infrastructure and the social dimensions of the sustainable energy economy. A significant IESES mission is to provide Florida and the country with up-to-date and pragmatic tools and analysis to assist in meeting governing and economic challenges, and to forge new opportunities for an unprecedented energy and climate constrained era. He was also the Associate Director of FSU’s Center for Advanced Power Systems, an internationally recognized Transmission, Distribution and Utilization research center of excellence. Dr. Cartes is also a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, having joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at FAMU-FSU College of Engineering in January 2001, after receiving his Ph.D. in Engineering Science from Dartmouth College. He also has academic degrees business management and economics. Since coming to Florida State University Dr. Cartes has produced over $12.3 million in grant awards, graduated four Ph.D. and three M.S. students, and published 106 papers. He teaches courses in control systems. His research interests include the Control of Distributed Energy Systems and Computational Intelligence. In 1994, Dr. Cartes completed a 20-year career in the U.S. Navy. As a Repair Officer, specialized in the repair of nuclear powered ships, he managed the conversion, overhaul, and repair of complex marine propulsion systems. His at-sea experience includes two submarines, the USS Nathaniel Greene and the USS San Juan, and the guided missile cruiser USS Mississippi, which served in the First Persian Gulf War.

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