Position Held:
a) regular position:
retired: January 15, 2007, still teaching as a part-timer (2007-present)
1981-2007 Professor of Mathematics, University of Texas at Arlington.
1969-1980 Professor of Mathematics, University of Iasi, Romania.
1962-1968 Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Iasi.
1954-1962 Research Assistant, Mathematics Research Institute of the
Romanian Academy of Sciences, Branch Iasi.
b) visiting positions:
1989 Visiting Professor, University of Bergamo, Italy (2 months).
1981 Visiting Professor, University of Kassel, Germany (4 months).
1980 Visiting Professor, University of Pisa, Italy (9 months).
1974 DAAD Professor, University of Aachen, Germany (3 months).
1973 Visiting Professor, University of Tirana, Albania (3 months).
1970 Associate Research, University of Louvain, CORE (9 months).
c) administration positions:
1969-1972, Chair of the Department of Probablity and Mathematical
Economics, University of Iasi, Romania.
1968-1972, Associate Chairman, Department of Mathematics,
University of Iasi, Romania.

Research Areas:
Membership in Professional organizations:
American Mathematical Society
Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences
International Mathematical Programming Society
International Society for Game Theory
American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences
Acedemy of Romanian scientists, American Branch.

Awards & Honors:
Prize “G.Lazar” of the Romanian Academy of Sciences (1966).
Prize “Grigore Moisil” of the Academy of Romanian Scientists (2002).
Teacher of the Year of the MAA student chapter at UTA (2004).

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