Position Held:
Visiting Professor: University of Vienna, Goeteborg, Stuttgart, Bonn, Heidelberg, Manchester, London, Uppsala,
Royal Inst. of Technology, Stockholm, Acad. Sinica, Taipei, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Concordia
Univ.,Montreal, Institute of Mathematics Ac.Sci USSR, Novosibirsk, Univ of Stockholm, Technion, Israel, Univ.
of Cagliari and Milan, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Univ. of Madrid, Univ. of Grenoble, Politecnico Milan,
Univ of Giessen, Univ. of Singapore, Tokyo Metropolitan Univ., Univ. of Palermo, Hebrew Univ., IMPA-Brazil,
LMA/CNRS-France, KAIST, Univ. of Leicester, IMPAN.
Senior Research Scientist, Institute of Precision Mechanics & Optics
Research Institute, 1964-78 (Electrical Engineering: Antennas and Propagation, Signal Estimation; Optics: Wave
Scattering, Resolution Ability, Inverse Problems; Systems Theory, Ill-posed Problems, Network Theory).
Visiting Scientist, Schlumberger-Doll Research, (1983, August).
Consultant: Dikewood Corporation, Standard Oil Production Co., Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Awards & Honors:
Distinguished Visiting Professor supported by Royal Acad. of Engineers, Sep.10-Oct.10, 2009, Univ. of Leicester.
Invited plenary one-hour speaker at the 7th PACOM. (Pan African Congress of Mathematicians), Aug3-8, 2009,
Ivory Coast, Yamoussoukro.
Mercator Professor, 2007, Germany, TU Darmstadt.
Distinguished speaker at HKSTAM, June 18, 2005.
London Math. Soc. lecturer, May 24-June 10, 2005.
Khwarizmi International Award, Feb., 2004.
Distinguished foreign professor at the University of Cairo, Amer. Univ. of Cairo, Al-Azhar Univ. of Cairo, (Nov.

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