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The Taihu Lake Basin adjacent to Shanghai has a diversified water systemand damp climate and is rich in produce.The original inhabitants plante drice and bred silkworms, and took advantage of the convenient water trans-portation there to develop trade relations both domestically and overseas.

This Dart of the country is famous for its silk and herbal medicines.Since ancient times, it has witnessed rapid economic growth, and has earned the nicknames "Heaven On Earth" and "Land FLowing with Rice and Fish".Six ancient waterside towns in this area。namely, Zhouzhuang, Luzhi and Tongli in Jiangsu Province, and Xitang, Wuzhen and Nanxun in Zhejiang Province are the most attractive representatives of age-old towns in south-east China.

Waterways have shaped the ancient towns of southeast China, their streets flowing the contours of the waters and their houses built on riverbanks.Small bridges.smoothly flowing rivers and tranquil residentiaI houses from the typical natural landscape of these towns. Winding streets and lanes, ancient bridges and beautiful gardens contnbute to a tranquil and simple atmosphere.These town's historical and cultural legacies are embodied in the venerable shapes of bridges, streets, lanes, residential houses, ances-tral halls, temples and theaters, all with a distinctive local flavor.

The philosophy of Life in a waterside town emphasizes the harmonious unity of Nature and Man.The buildings appear simple, though inside they are usually splendidly decorated.and the luxury is not shown on the exterior.The mainbuilding material in these towns is wood, displaying fine carvings and other decorations.The scenery changes with the four seasons, yet the tranquity and harmony, the smartness and elegance remain unchanged.A stay in one of these age-old towns brings tourists a strong sense of history, and enchants them with graceful landscapes and a relaxing lifestyle.

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