ramesh gupta
Nagaland University, India
Title : Taurine & Analogues: Alleviation of ageing; Cosmeceuticals to prevention of hair loss
Abstract :
Ageing is loved by none; even one does not like but can not escape. Ageing is a complex process and is composite in nature. Ageing can be marked by variety of symptoms, external and internal. Some of the external components include; wrinkles, loss of hair, hydration of skin (aged skin) etc. Wrinkles now have a great social impact because now people live longer. Same is true for hair loss and loose skin. All these happening definitely affect the totality of beauty subsequently the personality.
It is believed that wrinkles, hair loss, loose skin etc are generally due to prominence of reactive oxygen spices (ROS), changing osmotic conditions, as well as ion concentration mainly calcium ions in T cells. An ideal therapeutic agent must have properties to prevent such happening and also to same extend reverse the effects. In short cosmetic, approaches to wrinkles follow three steps; cleaning, photo-protection and application of active ingredients. First two are routine in nature but active ingredients play important role. There are several such functional ingredients like AHAS to anti- oxidants. Anti oxidants provides trap to ROS. Taurine is well recognized anti oxidants and currently is part of several anti ageing formulas, anti wrinkle agents and behaves as cosmeceuticals. Similarly taurine is a systemic anti-fibrotic agent and hopefully a definite boon for hair growth. In case of loose skin, skin keratinocytes are subjected to changing osmotic conditions. In principle osmolyte transporters serves maintenance of cell volume in hyper-toxic environment. Hyper osmotic stress significantly decreases the proliferation of HaCaT keratinocytes. Supplementation of taurine and some others are able to reverse the trends. Thus taurine gets unique “Status” to be classifying as such agent. However, amino acids are highly polar molecules there fore unable to penetrate into deeper epidermal layers after topical applications. Even higher doses due to its zwitterionic nature takes considerable longer duration for clinical efficiency, hence lipophelic analogues will be more suitable. As of now taurine is regarded as components of functional foods and drugs; after careful evaluation taurine and analogues may constitute a new class of anti aging, cosmeceuticals and hair growth promoters.
Biography :

Dr. Ramesh Gupta is Professor of chemistry at Nagaland University India. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biochemical Science, and Master of Science in organic chemistry from Lucknow University India, and Doctorate in Chemistry at Lucknow University, on Drug Development. Dr. Ramesh Gupta is a Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemist and has worked for several years as visiting professor/Scientist in various Medical schools, in Louis pasture University France, University of Arizona USA, Osaka University & Nagoya University Japan, Kyung Hee University, Korea advance institute of science and technology (KAIST) Korea, Ben-Gurion University Israel, Linkoping University Sweden and some others. Prof Guptas’ research focuses on the Natural & Synthetic Drug Development, role of sulfur amino acids in health care, functional food, nutraceuticals and environmental & gender  issues.

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