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2015 International Conference on Advances in Physics (CAP 2015), to be held from October 23 to 25, 2015, in Suzhou China, is one of the special tracks within the World Congress on Engineering and Technology (CET 2015). The aim objective of CAP 2015 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and academicians from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Advances in Physics. This symposium provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Topics: The symposium is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest(not limited to):
  • Computational Physics
  • Statistical and Non-linear Physics
  • Computational Quantum Dynamics
  • Fluid Dynamics and Plasma Physics
  • Computing in Crystallography
  • Astrophysics
  • Early Universe
  • Cosmic Microwave Background
  • Particle Astrophysics
  • Dark Energy, Dark Matter
  • Interplanetary Medium
  • Planetary Physics
  • Gravitational Lens Systems
  • High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena
  • High Energy Physics/Nuclear Physics
  • Quantum Chromodynamics, Strong Interactions
  • Physics beyond the Standard Model (Colliders, Rare Processes, Exotica)
  • Physics of Neutrino, Neutrino Oscillations
  • Cosmology and Astrophysics as Related to Particle Physics
  • Modern Field theory, Dynamics of Strongly Coupled Theories
  • Hadronic Structure, Parton Distributions, Soft QCD, Spectroscopy
  • Superstring Theory and Phenomenology
  • Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays
  • Standard Model and Beyon
  • Nuclear Structure
  • Reactor Physics
  • Photonics and Optoelectronics
  • Nonlinear Optics and Applications
  • Photon Counting Applications
  • Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Transfer and Processing
  • Optical Sensors
  • Micro-structured and Specialty Optical Fibres
  • Holography: Advances in Classical Holography and Modern Trends
  • Harnessing Relativistic Plasma Waves as Novel Radiation Sources from Terahertz to X-rays and Beyond
  • EUV and X-ray Optics: Synergy between Laboratory and Space
  • Damage to VUV, EUV, and X-ray Optics
  • Advances in X-ray Free-Electron Laser Instrumentation
  • High-Power, High-Energy, and High-Intensity Laser Technology
  • Medical Applications of Laser Generated Beams of Particles: Review of Progress Made in Recent Years
  • Laser Acceleration of Electrons, Protons and Ions
  • Research Using Extreme Light: Entering New Frontiers with PW-Class Lasers
  • Laser Energy Workshop
  • Electromagnetics
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • EMC Problems
  • Radiation, Propagation and Diffraction
  • Microwave Remote Sensing and Polarimetry, SAR
  • Radar Sounding of Atmosphere, Ionospheric Propagation
  • Electromagnetic Signal Processing, Wavelets, Neural Network
  • Non-linear Electromagnetic Systems
  • Quantum Well Devices, Microwave Photonic Systems, PBG
  • Plasmas, Nonlinear Media, Fractal, Chiral media
  • EM Circuits and Systems
  • Semiconductor Physics and Devices
  • Physics, Simulation and Characterization
  • Light Emitters, Photodetectors, Photovoltaics
  • High Frequency and High Power Electronics
  • New Device Concepts (Spintronics)
  • Other Related Topics
  • Mechanical Response of Solids and Structures
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • Others
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Important Dates
October 23-25, 2015
Paper or Abstract Submission Due:
July 8, 2015  >> September 9, 2015
Early Bird Registration due for Accepted Paper or Abstract: 10 days after acceptance notification

Early Bird Registration due for Audience: July 15, 2015
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