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  • Prof. Rafael Luque
  • Prof. Rafael Luque
  • Universidad de Córdoba, Spain
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    Prof. Rafael Luque has a significant experience on biomass and waste valorisationpractises to materials, fuels and chemicals as well as nanoscale chemistry and catalysisacquired over the past 10 years after spending a 3-year postdoctoral placement in the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence at the University of York with Prof. James Clark. From 2009, he has been Ramon y CajalFellow at Universidad de Cordoba in Spain and spent sabbatical periods at the EPA at Cincinnati (with Dr. Rajender Varma), Max Planck in Berlin (with Prof. Markus Antonietti) andCity University of Hong Kong (with Prof. Carol Lin). He has published over 185research articles, filed 3 patent applications and edited 5 books as well as numerous contributions to book chapters and invited, guest, keynote and plenary lectures in scientific events worldwide. He is also heavily involved in Chemical Education and promoting Science in Developing Countries. Prof. Luque is also member of the Editorial Advisory Board of prestigious journals including Chemical Society Reviews (RSC), Catalysis Communications (Elsevier), Current Organic Synthesis (Bentham Publishers), Sustainable Chemical Processes (Chemistry Central) and Current Green Chemistry (Bentham Publishers) as well as Editor?in?chief of the Porous Materials section of the journal Materials (MDPI) and more recently Regional Editor of the journal Current Green Chemistry. Among recent awards, Prof. Luque has received the Marie Curie Prize from InstitutoAndaluz de QuimicaFina in Spain (2011), the Green Talents award from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany (2011), the TR35 Spain from Technology Review and MIT as one of the top 10 young entrepreneurs in Spain (2012) and very recently the RSC Environment, Sustainability and Energy Early Career Award (2013) from the Royal Society of Chemistry UKand2013 Distinguished Engineering Fellow and Visiting Professor from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBME) at HKUST in Hong Kong. Prof. Luque has also been recently appointed as 2014 Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Professor at the Institute of Applied Chemistry in Changchun (China). Prof. Luque combines his academic duties with his activities as young entrepreneur after co?founding the spin-off companies Starbon® Technologies at York, UK (2011, which markets novel biomass derived carbonaceous materials and Green Applied Solutions S.L. (GAS, in Cordoba, Spain (2012) as a R&D and consultancy technological company on wastevalorization to marketable products.
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