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  • Dr. Mehmet Deniz Turan
  • Dr. Mehmet Deniz Turan
  • Firat University, Turkey
  • Biography:

    Dr. Mehmet Deniz Turan is currently Assistant Professor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at the Engineering Faculty-Firat University (Turkey). He has multidisciplinary education that Dr. Turan received his Ph.D. degree in Department of Chemical Engineering from F?rat University (2010); M.S. in Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from F?rat University (2003); B.S. in Mining Engineering from Inonu University (2000). Before arriving at his present position, he was Researcher in Chemical Engineering at F?rat University (2003-2009), Expert in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at F?rat University (2009-2011), and Assistant Professor in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at F?rat University since 2011. He has received the Department Award in Mining Engineering (2000) and Turkey national mining project competition (Dedeman Project Award in 2013). He also served over 9 scientific projects as supervisor and researcher.

    Dr. Turan is internationally known for his research and scientific inquiry about hydrometallurgy and mineral processing. He published over 12 articles in professional journal that most scope SCI and/or SCIE, made over 10 presentations at national/international conferences, and made over 30 reviewing in professional journals, conferences, and workshops.

    He is Co-Editor of Journal of Materials Sciences and Applications, American Journal of Environmental Policy and Management, American Journal of Chemistry and Application, and made Guest Editor of Current Physical Chemistry.

    Dr. Turan has lectured at Lublin University (Poland-2012), and Petru Maior University (Romania-2013) in Erasmus teaching staff scope. He has also served as short term scholar at University of Utah (USA-2013).

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October 23-25, 2015
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