Shumei Cui
Harbin Institute of Technology, China


  In 1990, she joined the Department of Electrical Engineering, HIT, as a teaching assistant. She later became a lecturer and associate professor in 1992 and 1997 respectively. Since 2001, she has been a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, HIT. She is now the Vice Dean of HIT Institute of Electromagnetic and Electronic Technology and Dean of HIT Electric Vehicle Research Centre. Her research interests focus on Design and Control of Micro and Special Elecric Machines, Electric Drive System of Electric Vehicles, Control and Simulation of Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and Intelligent Test and Fault Diagnostics of Electric Machines. 

  Dr. Cui serves as a vice-director member of Micro and Special Electric Machine Committee, Chinese Institute of Electronics, and a member of Electric Vehicle Committee, National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee. Dr. Cui co-authored 3 books on Electric Machines and Electromagnetic Field and published over 100 technical papers in journals and conferences. She holds 4 China patents. 

   Dr. Cui received 6 provincial and ministry awards, and National Technology Invention Award (Grade 2) in 2006.Dr. Cui is awarded as excellent youth expert of Heilongjiang Province, and excellent teacher of Committee of State Science Technology and Industry for National Defense. 

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