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Organizing Committee
Advisory Board  
Prof. Yanchang Lu
President of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE);Vice-Chairman of CAST,  China
Prof. Jingnan Liu
Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering,  China
Prof. Xiaoxin Zhou
China Electric Power Research Institute,  China
Prof. Marcelo Masera
Ispra Joint Research Center - European Commission,  Italy
Prof. M. Ramamoorty
R&D Advisor, Equipment Manufacturing Company, Thane,  India
Prof. Yinbiao Shu
Director General of the State Grid Corporation of China,  China
Prof. Qiang Lu
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,  China
Prof. Djoko Prasetijo
Deputy Director for System Planning, PT PLN - the State Electricity Company, Jakarta,  Djibouti
General Chair  
Prof. Saifur Rahman
Virginia Tech,  USA
TPC Chair  
Prof. Yuanzhang Sun
Wuhan University,  China
TPC Co-Chair  
Prof. Junyong Liu
Sichuan University,  China
Technical Program Committee  
Prof. Kaipei Liu
Wuhan University,  China
Prof. Junichi Arai
Kogakuin University,  Japan
Prof. Chia-Chi Chu
National Tsing Hua University,  Taiwan (China)
Prof. Gary W Chang
Dept. EE, National Chung Cheng University,  Taiwan (China)
Prof. Bikash Pal
Imperial College,  UK
Prof. Trillion Q Zheng
Beijing Jiaotong University,  China
Prof. Ahmed Faheem Zobaa
Exeter University,  UK
Prof. San Shing Choi
Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University,  Singapore
Prof. Henry Huang
Pacific Northwest National Lab,  USA
Prof. Shumei Cui
Harbin Institute of Technology,  China
Prof. Wei Jen Lee
University of Texas at Arlington,  USA
Prof. Ryuichi Yokoyama
Waseda University, Environment and Energy Engineering,  Japan
Prof. Fangxing(Fran) Li
Tennessee at Knoxville University,  China
Prof. Hongbin Sun
Tsinghua University,  China
Prof. Chengshan Wang
Tianjin University,  China
Prof. Xiaokang Xu
Siemens Energy, Inc., Siemens Power Technologies International (Siemens PTI),  China
Prof. Henry Wu
The University of Liverpool,  UK
Prof. Dehong Xu
Zhejiang University,  China
Prof. Zhao Xu
Technical University of Denmark,  Denmark
Prof. Yusheng Xue
State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Member of Chinese Academy of Science,  China
Prof. Yue Yuan
Hohai University,  China
Prof. Xiaoping Zhang
University of Birmingham,  UK
Prof. Pei Zhang
Electric Power Research Institute,  USA
Prof. Ming Cheng
Southeast University,  China
Prof. Yong Min
Tsinghua University,  China
Prof. Jianguo Zhao
Shandong University,  China
Prof. Yonghua Song
Tsinghua University,  China
Prof. C. C . Chan
University of Hong Kong,  Hong Kong (China)
Prof. Kolhe Mohan
UCL School of Energy and Resources,  Australia
Local Organizing Committee  
Prof. Junyong Liu
Sichuan University,  China
Prof. Luowei Zhou
Chongqing University,  China

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