Edward Lovesey
Ergonomics Society, UK

Dr Edward Lovesey has had many years practical experience in R&D at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough as Project Leader. During that time he was awarded the Bartlett medal for basic and applied research.Later, he was UK Human Engineering Co-ordinator for the Commonwealth Advisory Aeronautical Research Council (1979-1983)

Subsequent activities included becoming the Course Organiser for Health Ergonomics at Surrey University and in 1994,became the visiting scholar at the Liberty Mutual Research Centre in Massachusetts. He produced the UK Defence Standard for anthropometry and human strength.Later work centred upon providing consultancy services for military communication systems and to improve shop floor and office ergonomics in the Opto-electronics industry and the Meteorological Office.

He became a Chartered Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer and, later,a Fellow of the Ergonomics Society.

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