• Prof. John P.T. Mo
  • Prof. John P.T. Mo
  • RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Title: Engineering the Support Systems of Complex Assets
  • Abstract:
    The design and operation of complex assets such as an aircraft or a frigate require substantial planning and flexible delivery of services and logistics support. Apart from maintenance, many other factors are governing the operations of the asset. As these assets become more sophisticated, a properly designed support system in the form of customer support centres, information infrastructure, human organizations, multi-disciplinary engineering teams, supply chains, distribution networks, and so on, is vital to achieving customer satisfaction and continuous business. This paper uses several case studies of the support of complex assets to illustrate services and support engineering concept which incorporates a core knowledge base, drawing upon principles derived from a wide range of business and engineering disciplines. The knowledge helps the system support engineer to understand the environment the support solution operates and take into account as many constraints as possible during the system design phase. The core knowledge has to be amalgamated with technical knowledge that is specific to the asset being support, that is, the on-asset technologies. Furthermore, the asset will be operating in unpredictable environments. The support system is a set of negotiated work contracts with the asset owner (and operator) to provide intangible outputs that are usually co-produced with the asset owner and delivered on site. The support system architect will need to apply service engineering knowledge to ensure target performance from the asset.
  • Biography:

    John Mo is Professor of Manufacturing Engineering and former Head of Manufacturing and Materials Engineering at RMIT University, Australia, since 2007. He has been an active researcher in manufacturing and complex systems for over 35 years and worked for educational and scientific institutions in Hong Kong and Australia. From 1996, John was a Project Manager and Research Team Leader with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) for 11 years leading a team of 15 research scientists.

    John’s research is broad and has high impact. A few highlights of the projects include:

    - Signal diagnostics for plasma cutting machines

    - ANZAC ship alliance engineering analysis.

    - Optimisation of titanium machining for aerospace industry

    - Critical infrastructure protection modelling and analysis

    - Polycrystalline diamond cutting tools on multi-axes CNC machine

    - System analysis for support of complex engineering systems

    John holds a PhD from Loughborough University and is a Fellow of Institution of Mechanical Engineers (UK) and Institution of Engineers Australia. To date, he has published one monograph, 88 journal papers, 130 referred conference publications, 16 book chapters, edited 2 books, and authored over 100 confidential industry reports and invited speeches.

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