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Organizing Committee
Advisory Board  
Prof. Ping Shum
Nanyang Technological University,  Singapore
General Chair  
Prof. Chang Liu
Wuhan University,  China
Prof. Shouhuan Zhou
Sichuan University,  China
General Co-Chair  
Prof. John Marsh
IEEE Photonics Society,  UK
Prof. Xianyu Su
Sichuan University,  China
TPC Chair  
Prof. David L. Carroll
Wake Forest University,  USA
TPC Co-Chair  
Prof. Zhiping Zhou
Peking University,  China
Prof. Guoying Feng
Sichuan University,  China
Technical Program Committee  
Prof. Ping Lu
Communications Research Centre Canada,  Canada
Prof. Mahi R. Singh
University of Western Ontario,  Canada
Prof. Hong Liu
University of Oklahoma,  USA
Dr. Liyue Mu
Applied Harmonics Corp.,  China
Prof. Qiwang Song
Syracuse University,  USA
Prof. Peter C Eklund
Pennsylvania State University,  USA
Prof. Dieter Jager
Chair of the German IEEE LEOS Chapter,  Germany
Prof. Jianli Wang
Wuhan Research Institute of Post and Telecommunications,  China
Prof. Mladen Korbelik
The BC Cancer Research Ctr.,  Canada
Prof. Karl-Goran Tranberg
Lunds University,  Sweden
Prof. Kexin Xu
College of Precision Instrument, Tianjing University,  China
Prof. Yuncheng Ge
Beijing Glass Research Institute,  China
Prof. Jian Xu
Penn State University,  USA
Prof. Michael R. Hamblin
Harvard Medical School,  USA
Prof. Mark F. Naylor
University of Oklahoma Medical Center,  USA
Prof. Samuel Achilefu
Washington University in St. Louis,  USA
Prof. Yong Liu
University of Electronic Science & Technology of China,  China
Prof. Bin Zhang
Sichuan University,  China
Prof. Qionghua Wang
Sichuan University,  China
Prof. Xiaohai He
Sichuan University,  China
Prof. Yiping Cao
Sichuan University,  China
Prof. Wenjing Chen
Sichuan University,  China

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