Prof. José A. Bea
Prof. José A. Bea
University of Zaragoza, Spain
Title: Advanced processing of high temperature ceramic composites
Laser processing of Ceramics and Glass has been proposed as a method to enable a multitude of surface functionalities and unforeseen relevant applications, although laser-induced thermal shock has hindered full use of lasers within these industrial sectors. Most of the former materials suffer cracking and, eventually, catastrophic failure as a consequence of accumulated thermo-mechanical stress. In order to avoid this problem, a patented device has been developed which combines continuous laser scanning with uniform movement of the samples across a roller kiln kept under a convenient temperature profile. This unprecedented methodology enables treatment of any surface at extreme temperatures, while the sample’s volume is kept at reasonably low temperatures. For example, BaZrO3 coatings melting near 3000 ºC have been processed over Al2O3 substrates at temperatures around 2100 ºC, or over porcelain tiles at 1140 ºC, insuring very robust coatings integrated at the atomic scale into the substrate. This talk will present the Laser Furnace models developed so far and will review the most relevant results obtained to date in glass and ceramics.
Dr. Jose A. Bea, is a Professor at the Univesity of Zaragoza, working at the Aragón Institute for Engineering Research (I3A). He was the Director of the Information Tecnology at the University of Zaragoza in 2009, he was the Deputy Director of the I3A in 2012, and has developed computational simulations on large area laser surface coating and modification methods for advanced ceramics, glasses and metals. He is a member of the European Structural Integrity Society. He is co-inventor of 3 patents, coauthor of a large number of scientific papers and technical monographies, and has coordinated a large number of projects. He is a regular reviewer of various prestigious international journals.