Prof. Kazumi Nakamatsu
Prof. Kazumi Nakamatsu
University of Hyogo, Japan
Title: Application of Paraconsistent Annotated Logic Program EVALPSN to Intelligent Control/Safety Verification
Nowadays a lot of data are treated automatically in various artificial intelligent systems by using computers though, those data include various kinds of contradiction and inconsistency and usual computer logics are not so good at dealing with contradiction in the same system. Paraconsistent annotated logic is well known as a formal logic that can deal with contradiction in the framework of consistent logical systems. One of its logic programs called Extended Vector Annotated Logic Program with Strong Negation (EVALPSN) has been developed for dealing with non-monotonic reasoning such as defeasible reasoning, etc. by Kazumi Nakamatsu and applied to conflict resolving, various intelligent control systems such as traffic signal control, railway interlocking safety verification, etc. One of these applications of EVALPSN, traffic signal control at an intersection will be introduced with visual simulation. Moreover, a special EVALPSN that can deal with a sort of temporal reasoning, before-after relations between processes (time intervals), which has been developed and named Bf(before-after)–EVALPSN by Kazumi Nakamatsu, and its application to real-time process order control will be introduced based on a small pipeline processing example.
Kazumi Nakamatsu received the Ms. Eng. and Dr. Sci. from Shizuoka University, 1976 and Kyushu University, Japan, 1999, respectively. He is a full Professor at School of Human Science and Environment, University of Hyogo, Japan since 2005. His research interests encompass various kinds of logic and their applications to Computer Science, especially paraconsistent annotated logic programs and their applications. He has developed some paraconsistent annotated logic programs called ALPSN(Annotated Logic Program with Strong Negation), VALPSN(Vector ALPSN), EVALPSN(Extended Vector ALPSN) and bf-EVALPSN (before-after EVALPSN) recently, and applied them to various intelligent systems such as a safety verification based railway interlocking control system and process order control. He is an author of over 150 journal papers, book chapters and conference papers, and edited 14 books published by prominent publishers such as Springer-Verlag. Kazumi Nakamatsu has chaired various international conferences, workshops and invited sessions, and he has been a member of numerous international program committees of workshops and conferences in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. He serves as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems by Inderscience Publishers (UK) and an editorial board member of many international journals. He has contributed numerous invited lectures at international workshops, conferences, and academic organizations. He also is a recipient of some conference and paper awards. He is a member of Japan AI Society, etc.