Prof. Patrick S. P. Wang
Prof. Patrick S. P. Wang
Northeastern University, USA
Title: New Development of IPR, Big Data and Applications
This talk deals with fundamental aspects of Similarity, Semantics, Ambiguity, Intelligent Pattern Recognition (IPR) and applications. It basically includes the following: Overview of 3D Biometric Technology and Applications, Importance of Security: A Scenario of Terrorists Attack,, What are Biometric Technologies? Biometrics: Analysis vs Synthesis, Analysis: Concept of Syntax. Semantics, Ambiguity and Interactive Pattern Recognition, Importance of Measurement, How it works: Fingerprint Extraction and Matching, Iris, and Facial Analysis, Authentication Applications, Thermal Imaging: Emotion Recognition. Synthesis in Biometrics, Modeling and Simulation, and more Examples and Applications of 3D Biomedical Imaging, Interactive IPR, Big Data, Learning Environment. Finally, some future research directions are discussed.

Prof. Patrick S.P. Wang, Fellow, IAPR , ISIBM and WASE 

IEEE and ISIBM Outstanding Achievement Awardee 

Professor of Computer and Information Science Northeastern University, Boston, 

Zijiang Visiting Chair, ECNU, Shanghai, NTUST, Taipei iCORE Visiting Professor, 

University of Calgary, Canada Otto-von-Guericke Distinguished Guest Professor, 

University Magdeburg, Germany Founding Editor-in-Chief, IJPRAI and MPAI Book Series, WSP