Prof. Wen-Tsai Sung
Prof. Wen-Tsai Sung
NationalChin-Yi University of Technology, Chinese Taipei
Title: Innovative IoT System view based on Wireless Sensors Networks technology
IoT (Internet of Things) Systemis a rapidly developing area, a combination of Network, mathematics and computing technology, in order to enhancethe complex sensorsnetworkand data aggregation. Traditional Wireless Sensors Networksmethod does not have the ability to processhung amounts sensorssignalsthat is why the Wireless Sensors Networksdesign often only one cluster or one layer framework.This speechissue brings together some of the optimalfusion of innovative information technology and methodsanditprovidesto the listeners on this issue have further improvedSystem Integration andApplicationsin Wireless Sensors Networks. This will allow scientists to develop smarter processstrategiesfor multi-sensors signals and data.
Wen-Tsai Sungis working with the Departmentof Electrical Engineering, NationalChin-Yi University of Technology as aprofessorand Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs. He received a PhD andMS degree from the Department of ElectricalEngineering, National Central University,Taiwan in 2007 and 2000. He has wonthe 2009 JMBE Best Annual ExcellentPaper Award andthe dragon thesis award that sponsor is Acer Foundation.His researchinterests include Wireless Sensors Network, Data Fusion, System Biology, System on Chip,Computer-Aided Design forLearning, Bioinformatics, and BiomedicalEngineering. He has published a number of internationaljournal and conferences article related to these areas. Currently, he is the chiefof Wireless Sensors Networks Laboratory.At present, he serves as the Editor-in-Chief in three international journals: International Journal of Communications (IJC), Communications in Information Science and Management Engineering (CISME) and Journal of Vibration Analysis, Measurement, and Control (JVAMC), he also serves as the other international journals in Associate-Editor and Guest Editor (IET Systems Biology).