Prof. Antonio Martín
Prof. Antonio Martín
Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Title: How artificial intelligence and human beings collaboration can redefine network management
The objective of this session is to analyse the modus operandi of the intelligent systems from the point of view of the limitations between the machine and the human. In case of creating artificial intelligence like human intelligence, where will be the edge between human being and the intelligent hardware and software with artificial intellect? In this topic we present the following reflections: What do we think about systems that think? Could be intelligent systems smartest that people? Could be intelligent machines an extension of our brains? We will present a case of study based on techniques for the design and implementation of distributed intelligent systems that is designed through the normalization of knowledge management.
Antonio Martín is a researcher and author. He has a Computer Science degree, and Ph.D. in Intelligence Artificial applied in Management Knowledge. Dr Martín is Professor in the Electronic Technology Department and head of research and educational support section in the Computer Service at the Sevilla University in Spain. Professor Martín is an active researcher; he also serves as editorial board member of several journals and conferences; guest editor for journal special issues; chair of conference tracks; and keynote speaker at conferences. His research interests encompass subject areas including data mining, intelligence artificial, knowledge management, software engineering, and expert systems. Professor Martín has published numerous articles in international journals and conference proceedings in these topics, in addition to three books on artificial intelligence and knowledge management.