Dr. A.Jerry Jin
Dr. A.Jerry Jin
China Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute, China
Dr. A. Jerry Jin is a well-known researcher/ scientist in engineering and product development in areas such as the renewable energies and the Applied Physics. 
Jerry holds the Chief Scientist and the Managing Director position in China Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute. His primary work is to develop solar energy, TE technologies, and coaching young researchers and managers to grow in their career. Previously Jerry has successfully worked in the areas of renewable energies, semiconductors, nano-sized sensors, smart grid and IOT, and other fields; who played significant role in product development and successful commercialization. Jerry has a rewarding career over decades where he has earned significant awards and is a respected industrial veteran in the Silicon Valley and around the world. He has been a NASA scientist, a physicist, a senior member of technical staff and of IEEE, a professional chief editor, and he has been a researcher/ fellow in several premier American universities and institute. Finally, he is an entrepreneur to commercialize green energy technologies. 
Furthermore, Jerry is an inventor and a program leader widely cited for his works in developing solar electricity and thermal electric generation technologies. For example, there are tens of thousands researchers who tracks his most recent works in references. He has authored and led works of over a hundred papers, patents, and books. His works include well-known books on topics such as Green Energy, dozens of international and Chinese patents, and numerous research paper for top journals [e.g., Science, Phys.Rev.Lett, Rev. Sci. Instr.[USA], etc.]. 
Finally, Jerry is passionate about adventures and opportunities to contribute to advancement of the science and technology.