Dr. A. Vieira
Dr. A. Vieira
Simon Fraser University, Canada

Phytochemicals, obtained from plant-based foods, can influence human health by a wide range of molecular and cellular mechanisms. These include modulation of cell signal transduction and transport pathways, changes to epigenetic regulation and other influences on gene expression. This presentation will emphasize development of biochemical and cellular assays for phytochemical bioactivities including modulation of cellular endocytic transport and modulation of epigenetic programs. Vitamins and other nutrients, as well as non-nutrient phytochemicals such as flavonoids, will be emphasized. Isolated compounds, phytochemical metabolites, combinations of isolated compounds, and standardized plant extracts will be discussed in the context of the screening assays for potential therapeutic compounds.


A. Vieira completed his doctoral studies (Ph.D.) at the University of Alberta, Canada, and postdoctoral studies in California, USA. He is currently Associate Professor, and Director of the Nutrition and Metabolism Research Laboratory, Biomedical Physiology (BPK) Department, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada. He has over 80 publications including research papers in major international journals, and serves as reviewer or journal editorial board member for several publications.