Prof. Jung Rye Lee
Prof. Jung Rye Lee
Daejin University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Title: Bi-additive functional inequalities and biderivations and bihomomorphisms in C*-triple systems
In this talk, we use the fixed point method to investigate the Hyers-Ulam stability of C*-ternary bimultipliers and C*-ternary Jordan bimultipliers on C*-ternary algebras for
the following 2-dimensional  functional equation
Jung Rye Lee is working as a professor at department of Mathematics, Daejin University in Kyunggi Province near Seoul. She has accomplished her doctoral degree in Mathematics from Seoul National University. She is interested in functional analysis and her main research topics include operator algebras, functional inequalities, functional equations, fixed point theory and fuzzy mappings. She is working for several journals such as Korean Journal of Mathematics and Journal of Korean Mathematical Education, series B as a section editor. She has been working for the Korean Society of Mathematics, Mathematics Education and Mathematics Educations for Gifted Children. From next year, she will be the president of the Kangwon-Kyunggi Mathematical society which is a branch of Korea Mathematical Society. She has published several books such as middle school mathematics text books, text books for university, and books for general people. She also published a number of articles on international journals related to operator algebras, functional inequalities and equations, fixed point theory and fuzzy mappings.