Prof. Antonio Formisano_CCM 2017 - Engii
Prof. Antonio Formisano
Prof. Antonio Formisano
University of Naples 'Federico II', Italy


Antonio Formisano was born in Naples on 1977, June 23rd. He graduated cum laude in Building Engineering at the University of Naples 'Federico II' on July 2003 by discussing the thesis “Theoretical and experimental analysis of low cycle fatigue of cold-formed steel beams”. He gained his PhD in Construction Engineering (XIX cycle) at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Naples 'Federico II' on January 2007 by presenting the thesis “Seismic upgrading of existing RC buildings by means of metal shear panels: design models and full-scale tests”. From November 2007, he is Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering at the Department of Structural Engineering (DIST) of the University of Naples 'Federico II'. Actually he is Aggregate Professor of Theory and Design of Steel Constructions and Structural Design at the University of Naples 'Federico II'.