Prof. Mohammed Abd El-Dayem Sallam
Prof. Mohammed Abd El-Dayem Sallam
Alexandria University, USA
Title: Synthesis and CD Anomeric Assignment of Novel Disubstituted 2-(β-L-erythrofuranosyl)benzimidazole C-nucleoside Analogs
A series of 2-(β-L-erythrofuranosyl)benzimidazole C-nucleoside analogs having 5,6 dichloro and 5,6-dimethyl substituents at the base moiety as well as naphthbenzimidazole have been prepared by dehydrative cyclization of the corresponding acyclic 2-(L-arabino-tetritol-1-yl) benzimidazole analogs. The ECD spectra of the prepared C-nucleoside analogs were studied. The anomeric configuration was obtained from their 1H NMR spectra and confirmed by ECD spectra. "In addition to the experimental work we performed ab initio calculations (MP2/6-311++G**) on the structures as well as calculations at the time-dependent level of density functional theory (TD/B3LYP/6-311++(3df,3pd)) including 30 states on the CD spectra of some of the compounds under consideration. The solvents were included by means of the CPCM model. Comparison of the calculated with the experimental CD spectra allow a detailed analysis of the involved states and might provide a theoretical foundation for the extension of a recently derived empirical rule for the anomeric configuration of 1,2,3-triazole C-nucleosids to benzimidazole C-nucleoside analogs."
Professor Mohammed Sallam is working as professor of Organic Chemistry Faculty of Science , Alexandria University. He got his PhD from Alexandria University, Then He got several Postdoctoral fellowships and Visiting Scientist at Biochemistry Department Purdue University, Medicinal Chemistry, Michigan State University, Medicinal Chemistry ,Ohio State University, Department of Chemistry, University of Trondheim, Norway. He is Board editor at several Journals; J. of Carbohydrate Chemistry, 1983-2000, Green and sustainable Chemistry, GSC , 2011-prewsent, and Vitamins and Minerals Reports ,November 2013- 2014 ( the Journal discontinued).Board editor HSOA Journal of Modern Chemical Science (march 2017-Present). His Major field is Carbohydrates and C-nucleosides and Circular Dichroism spectroscopy.