Prof. Shouquan Huo
Prof. Shouquan Huo
East Carolina University, USA
Title: Platinum-Catalyzed ligand-directed C-H functionalization reactions
Catalytic direct C-H functionalization is one of the most challenging chemical transformations, which converts unreactive C-H bonds to C-C or C-X (X = a hetero atom) bonds, and has great potential in organic synthesis including synthesis of medicinally or biologically important molecules and building blocks for drug discoveries and developments. Considerable progress has been made in the transition metal-catalyzed ligand-directed C-H bond activation and functionalization. Many transition metals have been explored in this promising chemical transformation, and palladium is the most extensively investigated. In a sharp contrast, the use of platinum in the ligand-directed C-H functionalization has received much less attention, which might be attributed to generally low reactivity of the carbon-platinum bond. However, our recent findings have demonstrated that platinum has its own advantages in catalytic C-H acylation reactions, which, unlike other metal-catalyzed direct C-H acylation reactions, doesn’t require any oxidant or additives. In this presentation, we will report our recent progress in platinum-catalyzed functionalization of aryl heteroaryl ethers. The reaction mechanism and its potential application in organic synthesis will also be discussed.