Prof. Yuji NARUSE
Prof. Yuji NARUSE
Gifu University, Japan
Title: Orbital Phase Theory and the Diastereoselectivity of Some Organic Reactions
The orbital phase refers to the relationship among the orbitals that originates from their wave character. When the interactions among orbitals lead to ring closure, electrons should delocalize among them to produce stabilization when the orbitals satisfy the requirements for phase continuity [1]. We show here that, in some cases, this cyclic orbital interaction, i.e., the orbital phase, essentially determines diastereoselectivity. We focus on three organic reactions: - Torquoselectivity of the electrocyclic ring-opening reaction of 3-substituted cyclobutenes [2]. - Torquoselectivity of the retro-Nazarov reaction [3]. - Diastereoselectivity in the electrophilic addition to substituted propylenes [4].
Yuji Naruse is an associate professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science at Gifu University. He received a PhD degree in Applied Chemistry from Nagoya University under the supervision of Prof. Hisashi Yamamoto. He was a visiting student at Université de Lausanne under the supervision of Prof. Manfred Schlosser and a post-doc at Université de Paris-Sud under the supervision of Prof. Henri B. Kagan. While he studied synthetic organic chemistry at Nagoya University, including the development of new reactions using organometallic reagents, desymmetrization reactions and biomimetic polyene cyclizations, his research in Gifu is focused on the rational design of new reactions from the perspective of the orbital phase. Currently, he is interested in the application of orbital phase theory to explain the selectivity of organic reactions and the use of oligo- and polysilanes in molecular devices.