Dr. Malcolm J. D’ Souza
Dr. Malcolm J. D’ Souza
Wesley College, USA
Title: Undergraduate Research Projects Using Correlation Analysis Studies in Solution Chemistry and QSAR Modeling
Over the past 15 years through federal and state grant support, we have provided the unique opportunity for undergraduates early on in their careers (some, beginning as freshmen), to begin original research in chemistry within a Wesley College Directed Research program. The main goal is to attract, train, and retain competent students in the STEM-fields by providing experiences rooted in the process of discovery within a laboratory-setting. This program achieved success because research productivity was enhanced by developing collaborative partnerships with neighboring in-state institutions and the local industry. This presentation will outline the detailed analyses of the solvolytic data for chloroformate, chlorothioformate, chlorothionoformate, and chlorodithioformate esters. Using multiple regression LFER (linear free energy relationship) models as a means for relating one numerical response variable to two independent (or predictor) variables, we will outline methods to rationalize the solvent influences of sulfur-for-oxygen substitution in the solvent reactions of chloroformate esters. We will also present methods to validate, analyze, or predict, the ADME/tox (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity) pharmacokinetic properties.
Dr. Malcolm J. D’Souza ( is Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary/Collaborative Sponsored Research, at Wesley College, Dover, Delaware, USA. In 2009, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Northern Illinois University, recognized Dr. D’Souza as one of its 50 most distinguished alumni from over 77,00 graduates. In 2012, Dr. D’Souza received the American Chemical Society’s (ACS) E. Emmett Reid Award, recognizing his high-quality teaching in chemistry at a small college in the ACS Mid-Atlantic region. Dr. D’Souza was also honored twice in 2016, with the Delaware Bioscience Association’s Higher Education Educator of the Year Award, and the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Sidney McNairy (IDeA program) Mentoring Award. Dr. D’Souza is the Principal Investigator on Wesley College’s NIH - National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Delaware (DE)-INBRE program, the National Science Foundation (NSF) DE-EPSCoR program, the NSF ARRA program, and the Cannon Scholar (NSF S-STEM) program. In addition to his research in physical organic chemistry, Dr. D’Souza has projects, presentations, and publications in chemometrics, STEM-education, public-health, and in the design of commercial databases that assist in the development of new pharmaceutical and agricultural products. One-hundred and six undergraduates from his laboratory have earned awards and certificates, and there have been 93 peer-reviewed publications with 83 undergraduate co-authors. You may reach Dr. D’Souza at Malcolm.DSouza@Wesley.Edu