Dr. Suryakant Baburao Sapkal
Dr. Suryakant Baburao Sapkal
MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College Aurangabad, India
Title: Development of Synthetic Methodologies toward Green Chemistry Aspects
Nowadays time has come to expand horizon of our conscious foresight about environmental consequences and side effects. It is expected from all the chemists and co-workers while performing any chemical transformations in the laboratory. This is because, no any chemical compound is environment friendly. Therefore chemists has either to modify the protocols or keep control on it, so that the developed methodology can help to protect human health and maintains environment unaffected. Factually, every citizen on an earth has to contribute for sustainability means. Keeping these factors in view, it was thought worthiness to synthesize various heterocyclic moieties by means of different catalytic technologies with non-conventional techniques. More preferentially organocatalysts, natural catalysts, and very current aspects on catalysis viz nanocatalysts are found to be smart and compatible in various reaction conditions with variety of substrates.
Dr. Suryakant Baburao Sapkal is working as a research faculty at MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College Aurangabad, MS, INDIA. He successfully completed Three UGC research projects. He has been awarded First price in Indian Science Congress Local Chapter at Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University Aurangabad. He is a member of National Book Trust of India, X-advisory board member of World Research Journal of Chemical Biology (Bioinfo Publications), Editorial Member of International Journal of Green Chemistry (Journals Pub). Before this job he worked as a Scientist R & D at ARCH pharmaceutical corporate laboratory Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai. On his credit there are 32 research papers published in the journal of international repute. He has completed his Ph.D. in chemistry at department of chemistry, Dr. B. A. M. University Aurangabad, MS, India. His area of interest is development of new strategies for the synthesis of various bioactive heterocyclic compounds using ideal reaction medium like water and Ionic liquids, Solvent free condition, solid supports like alumina, silica and nano catalysts, phase transfer catalysts and organocatalysts by conventional as well as non-conventional routes.