Prof. Bang-Fuh Chen
Prof. Bang-Fuh Chen
National Sun Yat-sen University, Chinese Taipei
Title: The prediction of internal wave by free surface wave signature
In this study, a numerical model was used to simulate the propagation of internal waves (IW). The numerical results were validated by comparisons to experimental measurements. The development, propagation, and dissipation mechanisms of internal waves are discussed. The detailed evolution of IW occurrence and generated vortices and their effects on the disturbance of the ocean surface were studied. The numerical results show that strong mixing and water exchange occur during IW propagation, resulting in severe convergence and dispersion yielding strong free surface flow and creating noticeable free surface waves. We also found a close relationship between internal wave and ocean surface waves which may help researchers to retrieve the amplitude of IW by the observed data of the free surface waves. We used the artificial neuron network (ANN) method to train the Fluent-simulated results of the free surface and internal waves generated by a gravity collapse method and the trained ANN model was, then, used to predict internal wave below by the observed (simulated) free surface wave signals. The proposed ANN method predicts IWs agree well with the observed results. The proposed simple method may help researchers to retreat the amplitude of IW by the remote sensing images of the free surface waves and large area and spatial distribution of IW below the sea surface might be obtained in the future by the proposed method without costly field investigation.
Keywords: Solitary internal waves, ANN, hind-cast