Prof. Yang Lee
Prof. Yang Lee
Geongsang National University, Republic of Korea
Title: The Influences of Religious Languages on Mind and Society
This study attempted to review the relation of Language, thought, and society, quoting the theoretical discussions and demonstrating an empirical data. It is discussed that thought and society, in case of no direct interaction between them, require a mediator which is figured by language. This proposition is relied on that a language is shared in a society of culture, and that the language is used to constrain thought. To test the theorem, this study referred an empirical data which the religious words which are regarded the most influential affected on the believers’ mind, and their society. The religious words are surveyed to find the key words in comparison of Christian in Korea, Buddhism in Thailand, and Moslem in Bangladesh, and Hinduism in Nepal. The mind is analyzed into emotion and cognition; the emotion constitutes of three dimensions as attractive, alertness, and control, and the cognition composites with perception, memory, and thought. The society is subdivided to social practices, social costumes, and social changes. The influence of the religious words is sensational since they are so of prestige. In conclusion, to observe language is to indentify both of mind and society, and to make language common attempts to accord mind with society.
His scholarly post is a distinguished professor at Gyeongsang National University, Republic of Korea, and a senior scientist at Haskins Laboratory, Yale University, US. His Ph. D was earned from Seoul National University, Republic of Korea, by a thesis concerned to ‘phonology and morphology’, the problems of which have been analyzed further by his recent papers (Lee & Callero, 2016) and granted successively by N. I. H. His research propensity is represented by his paradigm as ‘Gih’ (Lee, Shaw, & Jin, 2017), which is posited as one of ‘the third entities’ to integrate ‘mind and body’, and ‘subject and object’. The Gih paradigm is refined on ‘scientific philosophy’ and applied to review the problems of ‘language’, ‘social relation’, and ‘perception and action’, which let him known as a cognitive psychologist and a scientific philosopher. Adding personally, what he is absorbed in is practice of some martial arts.