Prof. Kulagin Alexei Yurjevich
Prof. Kulagin Alexei Yurjevich
Ufa Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
The development of mineral deposits has led to the disruption of landscape-natural complexes and to the formation of technogenic quarry-dump landscapes. Dumps represent sources of secondary pollution of adjacent areas due to water and wind erosion. The use of quarry-dump complexes and adjacent territories for agricultural purposes are unacceptable due to the presence of toxic substances (heavy metals and their compounds). Laboratory of Forest Science Ufa Institute of biology UFRC RAS in 1980-1984 performed experimental and industrial work on reforestation of mining dumps in the South Urals Region (Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan). 
The analysis of the state of forest stands (Betula pendula Roth, Pinus sylvestris L., Larix sukaczewii Dyl.) are performed. The features of the formation of root systems of trees are studied. Agrochemical properties of soils that were formed on dumps for 35 years after forest reclamation were studied.The reforestation of dumps is shown to reduce water-and-wind erosion (by 1.5-2 times in comparison with open spaces), reduces the recovery time of biological productivity (by 15-20 years) and provides long-term biological preservation of toxic compounds. Forest reclamation of disturbed landscapes ensures the restoration of biological resources in conditions of anthropogenic transformation of the environment.

Area of scientific interests:
forest science, ecology, ontogeny and adaptation of plants to extreme conditions of growth, plant resistance to man-made factors, ecological physiology of woody plants, reforestation, protective afforestation, forest reclamation of mining industry dumps, environmental assessment of forest condition, applied ecology, nature protection and organization of rational nature management.

Member of the editorial board of 6 scientific journals:
 "Agrarian Russia", "Bulletin of the Udmurt University", "Bulletin of the Orenburg State Pedagogical University. Electronic scientific journal","Karelian scientific journal",
"Izvestiay of the Saratov State University. New series"," Ecobiotech. Electronic Journal of the Ufa Institute of Biology, Ufa Federal Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences"

Main results:
• Author of more than 400 scientific papers published in various domestic and foreign publications, including 23 monographs and textbooks for universities.
• Development and implementation of targeted state environmental programs (13 projects)
• Projects of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (17 grants)
• Supervisor, 29 candidates and 3 doctors of sciences were trained.
• Organization and operation of the Scientific and Educational Center "Dendroecology and Nature Management" (since 2002).