Dr. T.B.S. Rajput
Dr. T.B.S. Rajput
Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India
Title: A decision support system for designing microirrigation systems

Microirrigation allows an efficient watering by supplying required quantity of water at small rates and near the plant roots. Agricultural sector needs software to design efficient micro irrigation systems taking into account the local soil, crop, water and climatic conditions. A Decision Support System- for designing Micro Irrigation Systems namely ‘DOMIs' was developed to fill the requirementand to support the digital India initiative and the goal of per drop more crop. 

DSS-DOMIS is capable of designing drip Irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation and Micro Sprinkler irrigation systems .The DSS provides all necessary data on crops, soil, water and climate as default options with a provision of change if the user so desires. DSS-DOMIS suggests most optimal lay out plans for main, sub-main andlateral pipes. It determines the appropriate sizes of different components including main, submain and lateral pipes, pumping system, filtersand fertilizer application systems.DSS also provides an estimate of the costs of the designed system. The developed DSS has been user-friendly interface developed in open source programming languages i.e PHP, MySQL and runs in Apache server uses rich database with information on crops, soil climatic data, microirrigation equipments as well as, source and quality of water.  

The web based system is developed using scientifically accepted software algorithms with richness of information and expert opinions, flexibility and simplicity of use, which makes the DSS DOMIS superior to others in the field. The developed DSS was tested and appreciated by 22 Precision Farming Development Centres and leading irrigation Industries. This system is copyright and freely available for non-commercial use at . 

Keywords:, Micro Irrigation, Drip, Sprinkler, Micro sprinkler, Precision Farming, Irrigation software, DSS- DOMIS,


Dr. T.B.S. Rajput is a Soil and Water Conservation Engineer by qualification and is currently working as Emeritus Scientist at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. He has worked on development of strategies for efficient canal water management issues. He has also worked on limited water availability situations and has developed several technologies to mitigate water scarcity effects through engineering interventions including micro irrigation options. Dr. Rajput is actively involved in implementation and monitoring of micro irrigation scheme in the country. Recently he was awarded INCID- Jain Irrigation Sookshma Sinchai Award(2015) in recognition of his contributins in enhancing the adoption of microirrigation in the country. 

He has more than 150 research articles in scientific journals and authored 21 books/ technical bulletins and has developed nine software for efficinect water utilization. Dr. Rajput has been serving as Faculty at Post Graduate School of IARI and has supervised thirteen Doctoral theses and six Masters theses. In recognition of his teaching skills he was awarded the Best Teacher Award, 2008 (IARI) and the Best Teacher Award 2011 (ICAR). He is a recipient of several awards for including the highest National award for research namely Rafi Ahmed Kidawai Award in 2005. Dr. Rajput is a Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institution of Engineers, Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers, Indian Water Resources Society andd Soil Conservation Society of India.