Prof. Huanyin Chen
Prof. Huanyin Chen
Hangzhou Normal University, China
Title: New extensions of Cline's formula for generalized Drazin inverses
It is well known that for an associative ring $R$, if $ab$ has g-Drazin inverse then $ba$ has g-Drazin inverse. In this case, $(ba)^d=b((ab)^d)^2a$. This formula is so-called Cline's formula for g-Drazin inverse. Cline's formula plays an important role in matrix and operator theory. In this paper, we extend Cline's formula to the wider case, and then give applications to common spectral properties of bounded linear operators.
Huanyin Chen was born in Jiangsu, China. He got his Ph D. degree from Nanjing University in 1995. His main research interests are noncommutative rings (especially exchange rings, regular rings, clean rings), stable range conditions; operators and matrices. For the past twenty years, he published about 310 articles and two books on algebras. These works covered categories, homological algebras, ring theory and matrix theory. For further his reserach information, please refer to