Prof. Dan Field
Prof. Dan Field
University of Southern California School of Social Work, USA
Title: Gambling Disorder in Older Adults: A Qualitative Study
For this study, I have combined comprehensive interviews with five older adult problem gamblers regarding their thoughts regarding the intervention that they received and the psychological factors that contributed to their severe addiction. The goal of the current study is to better understand the process of outpatient and residential treatment from the perspective both of those receiving services and providers and which approaches are most effective to assist older clients stop problem gambling behaviors. This information adds to the sparse literature on the factors that contribute to the development of gambling disorder in older adults and the key approaches to healthy aging to help combat the addiction.
Dan Field a licensed therapist in private practice dedicated to clinical intervention with problem gamblers and those affected by it. After graduating from UCLA in 2003, his training includes over ten years work in residential substance abuse programs at the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Administration and community-based outpatient treatment for addicted individuals.
He counsels:
• Individual Problem Gamblers
• Spouses/ Partners, Children and Friends of the Problem Gambler
• Families and Groups
The bulk of his clinical training has been with those struggling with drug or alcohol --in residential, inpatient psychiatric and outpatient settings. His work draws significantly on these experiences and he incorporates his expertise in treatment for depression and relationship issues in problem gambling clinical sessions. He strongly believes in the healthy therapeutic relationship as the foundation that drives meaningful change. 
In addition to work with problem gamblers, he serve as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the USC School of Social Work and teaches on chemical dependency and behavioral addictions.