Prof. Shuhei Yamaguchi
Prof. Shuhei Yamaguchi
Shimane University, Japan
Title: Cognitive and motor functions and brain intrinsic network in aged people
Aging is associated with deterioration in a number of cognitive functions. Manystudies have demonstrated the beneficial effect of physical fitness on cognitive function, especially executive function. The graph theoretical approach models the brain as a complex network represented graphically as nodes and edges. We analyzed several measures of executive function, an index of physical fitness, and resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging data from healthy older volunteers to elucidate the associations among executive function, cardiorespiratory fitness, and brain network properties. The topological neural properties were related to the level of executive function and/or physical fitness. Global efficiency, which represents how well the whole brain is integrated, was positively related, whereas local efficiency, which represents how well the brain is functionally segregated, was negatively related, to the level of executive function and fitness. The associations among executive function, physical fitness and topological resting state functional network property appear related to compensation and dedifferentiation in older age. A mediation analysis showed that high-fit older adults gain higher global efficiency of the brain at the expense of lower local efficiency. These findings suggest that physical fitness may be beneficial in maintaining executive function in healthy aging by enhancing the efficiency of the global brain network.
Medical School
Kyoto University School of Medicine 1973-1979

Kyoto University Hospital, Internal Medicine 1979-1980

Board Certificate
National Medical Doctor License 1979
Fellow of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine 1983
Japanese Board Certified Doctor in Neurology 1983

Doctor of Philosophy (Neuroscience field) 1988

Research Training
Fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Robert T. Knight 1988-1991
Department of Neurology, U.C. Davis

Professional Experience
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine III (Neurology) 1980-1991
Lecturer of Internal Medicine III (Neurology) 1991-1994
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine III (Neurology) 1994-2005
Follow in Department of Psychology, U.C. Berkeley 2001-2002

Current Positions
Professor of Internal Medicine III (Neurology) 2006-
Faculty of Medicine, Shimane University
Director of Shimane Medical Center for Dementia 2011-
Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Shimane University 2015-