Dr. Chunming Zhang
Dr. Chunming Zhang
Dow Chemical Company, USA
Title: Simple and Highly Effective Mono-ligated Arylpalladacycle Complexes for Suzuki Cross Coupling Reactions

The Palladium catalyzed reaction of aryl halide (iodide, bromide, chloride), and aryl pseudohalides (e.g. triflate, tosylate, mesylate) with various substrates is a general method employed for the formation of CC, C-N, C-O bonds, which plays an important role in synthesis of fine chemicals, agricultural and pharmaceutical products, and advanced materials. The reactivity of the palladium catalyst is greatly influenced by its structural features and the number of associated ligands to the metal. Mono-ligated palladium complexes, bearing one bulky and electron-rich ligand, have been demonstrated to be highly effective catalysts/precatalysts. Among such examples are Buchwald’s biphenylpalladacycle precatalysts and Johnson-Matthey’s allylpalladium (II) complexes. Here we report a type of very simple, and highly efficient mono-ligated arylpalladacyle precatalysts (Figure below). In Suzuki reactions these precatalysts exhibit mild reaction conditions, low catalyst loadings, short reaction times, and provide high yields. Their ease to prepare, stability to air and moisture could make them desirable for applications in large-scale industrial processes.

Chunming Zhang is a senior research scientist at Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont™. Chunming started his career at The Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Michigan, US in 2000. Over the past 18 years, he led and implemented innovative, value creating solutions for a number of Dow businesses. He was a key inventor and contributor to a number of Dow technologies and products, ranging from light emitting polymers, reverse osmosis membranes, antimicrobial polypeptides, polyolefin catalysts, to agricultural products. Chunming is an inventor or co-inventor of 22 granted US patents and has 26 external publications on peer-reviewed journals. Chunming received his BS degree in chemistry from Jiangxi Normal University, MS degree in organic chemistry from Shanghai University, and Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemsitry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Prior to Dow, he conducted postdoctoral research at the University of New Orleans.