Dr. Bashir Ahmad Dar
Dr. Bashir Ahmad Dar
Higher education Govt. of J&K India, India
Title: Exploration of CSC as Green catalyst for Organic Transformation
One of the major current challenges before chemists is to develop synthetic methods that are less polluting, i.e., to design clean or ‘green’ chemical transformations. The problem has become more acute in recent times and has received wider attention because of our better understanding of the causes of environmental degradation. Industries and scientific organizations have put clean technology as an important R & D concern. The area of chemistry, which is particularly directed to achieve such goals, is termed as ‘green chemistry’ and is defined, according to an US award program, to be one that ‘encompasses all aspects and types of chemical processes – including synthesis, catalysis, analysis, monitoring, separations and reaction conditions – that reduce impacts on human health and the environment relative to the current state of the art. In achieving many of these goals, catalysts help the synthetic chemist in a big way. An important family of catalysts that has received considerable attention of the synthetic chemist in recent times is derived from the soil, the most noteworthy ones being clays and zeolites. Clays are solid acidic catalysts which can function as both Bronsted and Lewis acids in their natural and ion-exchanged form. Using clay catalysts, environmentally benign green chemistry can be done both at industrial level and laboratory scale. Cu -Clay has developed into trendy heterogeneous catalyst in our group owing to its characteristic properties such as enhanced reactivity, selectivity and a straight forward work-up procedure.
Dr Bashir is presently working as Assistant Professor at Govt. Degree College boys Sopore Kashmir. Previously he was lecturer at University of Kashmir, North campus Baramulla Kashmir. He has also worked as Assistant Professor at Maulana Azad College Aurangabad MaharastraIndia, Senior Project Fellow IIIM Jammu, Senior Research Fellow IIIM Jammu, Junior Research Fellow IIIM Jammu, Junior Research Fellow (IICT Hyderabad), Lecturer (Maulana Azad College, Aurangabad Maharastra India) and Visiting Lecturer (Post Graduate Department of Chemistry, Vasantroa Nayak College, of Science Aurangabad Maharastra India. He has 10 years of experience in teaching and research. Dr Bashir has published more than 50 research papers in highly reputed journal. He has also published some books on heterogeneous catalysis. He is editor and peer reviewer of many chemistry journals. He has participated in the scientific committee of several conferences and associations. His research interests involve Green Chemistry, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Organic Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry.