Dr. Anson Li
Dr. Anson Li
Mercy Medical Center, USA
Title: Helicobacter Pylori – A General Surgeon’s Experience
With the discovery of H. pylori, the adage “no acid, no ulcer’ has now been evolved to ‘no H. pylori, no ulcer’. H. pylori is implicated in numerous gastroduodenal diseases. The understanding of its prevalence helps to identify infection source as well as transmission, treatment and eradication. The present study details my experience of the prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of H. pylori in my general surgery practice, esophagogastroduoden oscopy (EGD) results in rural North Carolina and North Dakota.
Anson Li is an attending surgeon at the Department of Surgery at Mercy Medical Center, Williston, North Dakota (USA). Dr. Li holds a PhD degree from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, and a MD degree from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina (USA). Previously, Dr. Li was surgery chairman at the Washington County Hospital and attending surgeon at Martin General Hospital, North Carolina (USA). Dr. Li was an adjunct professor at University of Houston, Houston, Texas. and a senior consultant and research scientist at National Institute of Environmental Health Science, North Carolina. He has published more than 35 papers in refereed journals, books and conference proceedings. He has made presentations at several American College of Surgeons conference. His research interests include infectious diseases and its impact on health.