Prof. Hsiu-Chin Chen
Prof. Hsiu-Chin Chen
Utah Valley University, USA
Title: Evaluating student cultural competence in an Associate in Science in Nursing Program
Background: Because minorities and health care disparities are increasing in the U.S., it is crucial that nurses be equipped with cultural competence to provide culturally individualized care for all populations. The purpose of this study was to evaluate student development of cultural competence over time and to identify factors that influence the development of cultural competence in an ASN program. 
Method: This longitudinal quantitative study used a pre-test and post-test survey to collect data on ASN students’ cultural competence. All 161 eligible ASN students from a university in the U.S. received an email invitation for participation. The surveys used to collect data in this study included a demographic questionnaire and the IAPCC-SV© tool. 
Results: The results indicated students performed at a culturally competent level. There was a statistically significant increase in the level of cultural knowledge at the end of the semester compared to the beginning of the semester. The predictor of cultural encounters contributed approximately 58.5% of the variance in cultural competence. 
Conclusion: Because of using a convenience sample from one selected ASN program, a generalization of the study results can only apply to those programs having similar backgrounds. Reexamining the curriculum to identify what learning relevant to cultural diversity is provided in each semester is essential to help students consistently develop cultural competence over the course of their nursing education.
Dr. Hsiu-Chin Chen earned her Ph. D. in nursing in 2004 and Ed. D. in educational administration in 2005. Dr. Chen has worked as a professor at Utah Valley University in Utah, USA for the past 14 years. Dr. Chen also serves as a dissertation chair for over 10 doctoral nursing students from the University of Phoenix for the past five years. Her research areas include instrument development, leadership, faculty job satisfaction, student satisfaction, service-learning, cultural competence, NCLEX-RN predictors, and online teaching. The research methodology has focused on correlational study design, comparative study design, quasi-experimental and experimental study designs, survey study design, longitudinal study design, phenomenological study design, and mixed methods. Since 1995, Dr. Chen has published 16 research articles in peer-reviewed nursing journals, received 18 research grants, and presented research in over 18 national and international research conferences. Dr. Chen also served as a reviewer for three nursing professional journals.