Dr. Wei Tian
Dr. Wei Tian
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
Title: Functional Supramolecular Hyperbranched Polymer: Controlled Synthesis and Self-assembly
MOE Key Laboratory of Material Physics and Chemistry under Extraodinary Conditions and Shanxi Key Laboratory of Macromolecular Science and Technology, School of Science, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi’an 710072, China.* In the past two decades, supramolecular polymers (SPs) have received much attention due to their dynamic/reversible nature and unique physicochemical characteristics in a wide range of application fields, such as functional materials, biomedicine, and micro/nanotechnology. As one special class of SPs, supramolecular hyperbranched polymers (SHPs), combining the advantages of supramolecular polymers and hyperbranched polymers, have attracted interest due to their unique chemical and physical properties and potential application in many fields such as biochemistry, medicine, and materials science. Furthermore, SHPs exhibit the apparent advantages of reversible and tunable nature, three-dimensional topological structure, high solubility, and plenty of terminal groups. Herein, we summarized our recent work on the investigations of SHPs from three aspects including structural design, molecular assembly, and functional extension.
Wei Tian completed his PhD in Polymer Materials at Northwestern Polytechnical University in 2009 under the supervision of Professor Xiaodong Fan. He pursued his research work on Polymer Chemistry as a post-doctoral researcher at the same university till 2010. Following academic appointments at Northwestern Polytechnical University, he joined Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as a Research Associate. He came back to Northwestern Polytechnical University in 2011, and became a full professor in 2014. He has published more than 50 papers in journals indexed in the Web of Science – Journal Citation Reports such as Adv. Mater., Chem. Commun., ACS Macro Lett., Macromolecules. He is on the editor in chief of Topological and Supramolecular Polymer Science. He has participated in the scientific committee of several conferences and associations and serves as a reviewer in a wide range of international journals. His scientific interests focus on supramolecular hyperbranched polymers and macromolecular self-assembly.