Dr. Long-Li Lai
Dr. Long-Li Lai
National Chi Nan University, Chinese Taipei
Title: Triazine-containing Dendrimers as Mesogenes or porous materials
Dendrimers, often possessing the tree-like and branched 3-D frameworks, have attracted a great of attention. Particularly, dendrimers consist of central connecting and peripheral units, and combination of these functional moieties lead them to exhibit versatile molecular conformations. Therefore, dendrimers are designed and prepared for various purposes, Dendrimers have been observed to exhibit columnar liquid crystalline (LC) phases and found useful in photovoltaics and field transistors due to their non-grained boundary and uniform alignment. However, various combinations of cores, linkage units, and peripheral functionalities of dendrimers lead their molecular conformations to be versatile, and therefore, it is not easy to control their molecular shapes as those of traditional rod-like or disc-shaped LC molecules. On the other hand, global warming has become a key concern and CO2 gas is regarded as one of the important causes. So, reducing CO2 gas emission, such as the capturing of CO2 from the industrial gas waste, is currently a challenge and the development of effective technologies for adsorbing CO2 will be necessary in the future.We thus aim to prepare triazine-based dendrimers with special peripheral functionalites, such as flexible alkyl chains or bulky moieties, to study their mesogenic behaviors on thermal treatment or their gas adsorbing ability in the solid state, respectively.
Long-Li Lai received his Ph. D. degree in Se chemistry in 1992 from the Department of Chemistry, the University of Witwatersrand under professor D. H. Reid. After several research stints as postdoctoral scholars, he currently is a professor in Department of Applied Chemistry, National Chi Nan University Taiwan. His research interests include the synthesis and physical study of LC dichroic azo-dyes and triazine-based dendrimers. In dendritic areas, he is particularly interested in preparing dendrimers containing various pore sizes in the dendritic framework for their potential in catalytic reaction. He has published over 70 scientific papers including patents and articles.