Prof. Ling Hao
Prof. Ling Hao
National Physical Laboratory, UK

Prof Ling Hao received the BSc degree in general physics and the MSc degree in solid state physics from Beijing Normal University, China. She moved to the UK in 1992 and received the PhD degree at the Department of Physics and Applied Physics, University of Strathclyde, UK, for research on electronic noise in superconducting devices in 1995. Since then she has worked at UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL). She is leading work on applications of quantum science, nanoscience, superconducting electronics and microwave technology for quantum metrology and technology and precision measurements, aimed at single particle measurements and quantum sensor and metrology with nanoSQUIDs, nanoelectromechanical system (NEMS) resonators and high Q microwave resonators. She is also leading work on transport measurements and applications of quantum materials (graphene, other 2D materials and carbon nanotubes). 

She is a Principal Research Scientist in the Quantum Metrology Institute and National Graphene Metrology Centre at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL). She is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics, Chartered Physicist and a visiting professor at Imperial College London, Fudan University (Shanghai) and Harbin Institute Technology, China. She has published more than 160 research papers in refereed journals as well as writing four book chapters. She is a member of the Institute of Physics Superconductivity Committee and Member of Editorial Board of IEEE Council on Superconductivity, responsible for Detectors. She has also managed a number of projects, both national and international, including as co-ordinator for EU based projects.