Prof. Yongbing Xu
Prof. Yongbing Xu
Nanjing-York Joint Center,Nanjing University, China
Title: Perspectives of Spintronics with 2D Materials
Professor Yongbing Xu, Director of the Nanjing-York Joint Center in Spintronics, Nanjing University, China, and Chair Professor in Nanotechnology, The University of York, UK. He obtained his PhD from Nanjing University and Leeds University (UK). He was a senior fellow in Cambridge University, Cavendish Laboratory. His research interests are in the areas of spintronics, magnetic material and spectroscopy. He has published more than 300 papers in journals including Physics Review Letters, Nature Communications, Advanced Matters and Nano Letters etc. Prof. Xu is leading the Worldwide University Network (WUN) Grand Challenge Project on Spintronics (30 partners from 12 research leading UK, USA & China universities). Prof. Xu is a member of the NSF panel, the international advisory committee of the EU Warsaw NanoCenter, and the panel member of “The Technology and Innovation Future 2020” of the UK Government Science Office. He is the spintronics section editor of “Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science” by Elsevier, the series editor of “Electronic Materials and Devices” by Taylor and Francis/CRC Press, editor-in-Chief of the Spintronics Major Reference Work by Springer, and edited the very first spintronics book “Spintronic Materials and Technology”. He had interviews with BBC News and New Scientists.