Prof. Ethel Pis Diez
Prof. Ethel Pis Diez
Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentina
Ethel Pis Diez, Ph.D. in Social Communication (Universidad Austral, 2005) 
Pis Diez is professor and researcher at the Communication School, Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She teaches courses on Strategic Management in the Media and on Media Content Production Management. 
Her present research at the CIMEL media research center at the IAE Business School (Universidad Austral) focuses on the relationship between strategy, leadership and digital transformation in the media and entertainment industry. Since 2017 she is Academic Director of the Diploma in Media Management (Communication School).
She has been Postdoctoral Fellow in the Media Management and Research Center at Jönköping International Business School (Jönköping University, Sweden), ICT Expert Felow at Global Media Cooperation Training Program (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Corea del Sur) and Visiting Professor in several international universities like the Medien und Kommunicationwissenschaft (IfMK) at llmenau University of Technology (Germany), the Center for Spanish Language Media at University of North Texas (United States), the Observatorio Iberoamericano de Comunicación at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain), the Máster en Comunicación Intercultural y Empresarial entre China y Europa at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid (Spain) and the IAELyon School of Management at University of Lyon III Jean Moulin (France).  
Her work has been presented since 2009 in the World Media Management Conference and the European Media Management Association Conference and published in academic journals such as Publishing Research Quarterly, Conexiones, Palabra Clave, Austral Comunication and International Journal of Digital Television. She is also author of the book El Mercado de revistas en la Argentina (Universidad Austral:2008) and director of the report Understanding Latin America: current trends in the Tv Market (FRAPA, 2017). 

Last publications and papers (2016-2017):
Pis Diez, Ethel (2016, march 1st). “International Co-production Strategies in the Audiovisual Industry. Disney´s TV Serie Violetta as a study case”. International Colloquium Global Television TV Series Latinamerica. Red Réseau Series, LCP-Irisso. Centro Pompidou, Paris, Francia (filmed communication). 
Ethel Pis Diez y Kyros Jalife (2016, may 4th). “Content-creation competences in a multiplatform environment. The development of transmedia projects in the media industry”. World Media Management and Economics Conference, Fordham University, New York.
Pis Diez, Ethel (2016, may 25th).”Factores que inciden en la elección y la implementación de estrategias de entrada en otros mercados a través del contenido. El caso Telefe S.A.”. Cultural Transduction Conference, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia. 
Pis Diez, Ethel (2017). “Telefe S.A.: contenidos, mística, ¡gestión!”, Teaching case, IAE Business School, Universidad Austral.
Uribe, Enrique y Ethel Pis Diez (2017). “Tv formats market in Latin America: trends and opportunities” en The International Journal of Digital Television, vol. 8, n.1, p. 99-115. DOI: 10.1386/jdtv.8.1.99_1   
Pis Diez, Ethel (2017, dir). Understanding Latin America: current trends in the TV Market. FRAPA Report. Naarden, The Netherlands.