Prof. Jesús M. González-Pérez
Prof. Jesús M. González-Pérez
University of the Balearic Islands, Spain
Jesús M. González Pérez has a doctorate (1998) in Geography from the University of Santiago
de Compostela (Spain). He is Associate Professor at the University of the Balearic Islands
(Spain), Assistant Professor in the Master of Territorial Planning and Environmental
Management of the University of Barcelona (Spain), and Visiting Scholar (2015) and Visiting
Professor (2016) at Stanford University (United States of America). He has also been a visiting
researcher at thirteen European and American universities, including the universities of Bergen
(Norway), Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne), Glasgow, São Paulo, La Habana, Hidalgo (Mexico),
UNAM (Mexico), INTEC-Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and Stanford. In Stanford
University (Center for Latin American Studies, CLAS) twice: Visiting Scholar (2015) and Tinker
Visiting Professor (2016) (course: “City, Urbanisation Processes and Urban Policies in Latin
America and the Caribbean”).
He has contributed as author or co-author to more than a one hundred and fifty publications
of a national and international nature, many of which were published in journals included in
the Journal Citation Reports (European Planning Studies; Sud-Ouest Européen; The Open Urban
Studies Journal; Sustainability;, Annals of Tourism Research; Urban Affairs Review; Eure,
Revista Latinoamericana de Estudios Urbano Regionales; Die Erde, Journal of the Geographical
Society of Berlin; Habitat International; Procedia, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Geographical
Research -等 . 西班牙的房地产泡沫:城市化与城市建设[J]. 地理研究-, etc.). I am a special
issue editor of three scientific journals. Currently, I coordinate a special issue on Urban
Inequality in the Urban Science Journal (MPDI).Professor González has publications of books,
encyclopedias and specialized dictionaries in the most important publishers, such as Routledge
and Wiley-Blackwell.
Furthermore, he has been a member of a research team which has undertaken a total of 30
funded research projects. He was Principal Investigator of thirteen of these projects. He has
been Editor Special Issues and chair of several international congresses, for example in Beijing
(33rd International Geographical Congress, 2016). In 2018, he will be track chair of “Cities and
Urban Studies” in the XXXVI International Congress of LASA (Latin American Studies
Association). He has taught more than 60 lectures and seminars in different cities in Spain,
Europe and America.
Dr. González is currently Chairman of the Urban Geography Group of the Association of
Spanish Geographers and member of the Urban Geography Commission of the International
Geographical Union. He is also member of the scientific or editorial committees of five
international journals and reviewer for another twenty five. He is coordinator of the area
"Human Settlements" of the National Atlas of Spain.
Professor González is an expert evaluator of different Spanish scientific agencies: National
I+D+i Plan of the Spanish Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness, Catalan Government's
Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR), ANEP and ANECA. He is
also Scientific Expert Candidate for the European Commission.
Urban Geography, Immigration studies, Tourism and Urban Planning are Jesús M. González's
main fields of expertise. He has spent twenty years delivering courses on these subjects at
undergraduate, Masters and doctorate level in different universities. His scientific experience
includes research on urbanisation processes at different levels, social segregation and
polarisation in the inner city and the tourist areas, gentrification, and the methodological
analysis of urban politics devoted to the rehabilitation of slum neighbourhoods and historical
cities. His recent publications focus on the gentrification in historical cities and the spaces of 
social reproduction, urban vulnerability, the impact of the economic crisis on the city and
increasing urban inequality based on the location of evictions. He has experience of
researching these aspects not only in Spain but also in Latin America and the Caribbean, where
he has directed four research projects, published two books, articles and chapters of books
(Routledge). He is currently working (Editor) on an Handbook of Urban Studies on Latin
America and the Caribbean to publish by a United States publisher.