Prof. Sagini Keengwe
Prof. Sagini Keengwe
University of North Dakota, USA
Title: Preparing Teacher Candidates for the Global Workplace
21st century teacher candidate are no longer competing for career opportunities locally but in the global workforce. This implies the need to prepare graduates who possess the right skills and adequate knowledge required in the global workforce. Additionally, having cross-cultural communication skills has become essential for all workers and professions in the global workforce. The teaching of these essential global workforce skills must be integrated in the curriculum. As public education continues to evolve into transformative digital content and more learner-centered pedagogies, educators need to focus not only on best practices and innovative pedagogies to engage digital learners but also the acquisition of 21st century competencies and skills that positively affect and improve student learning. To this end, this presentation examines teacher education preparation from multiple facets including diversity in schools, competency skills, digital technologies, and the need to prepare teacher candidates who are able to transfer the right set of skills, knowledge and attitudes to their learners to acquire competencies for becoming successful global citizens.
Sagini Keengwe is a Professor of Education at the University of North Dakota and currently serves as the coordinator of the Elementary Education Undergraduate program. Dr. Keengwe's primary research interests focus on digital technology integration into education and student-centered pedagogies in teaching and learning.

Dr. Keengwe Keengwe has published several books and over 100 publications in journals and conference proceedings with a focus on digital technologies, cross-cultural competencies, and professional development models in teacher education. He has taught various courses including Introduction to Education, Technology for Teachers, Multicultural Education, and Senior Capstone: Responsive Teaching.

Dr. Keengwe is the editor-in-chief of two IGI Global Book Series: "Advances in Higher Education and Professional Development" (AHEPD) and "Advances in Early Childhood and K-12 Education" (AECKE). He serves on the editorial review board of several international journals and is also the co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn).

Dr. Keengwe’s work was honored with the UND Foundation/McDermott Faculty Award for Excellence in Academic Advising. He was a recepient of the North Dakota Spirit Faculty Achievement Award in recognition of significant contributions in teaching, research, and service. At the national level, Keengwe was one of the 10 recepients selected to receive the 2010 American Educational Research Asscoiation (AERA) Teacher Education Travel Award. More recently, Keengwe was a recepient of the 2017 Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship.