Prof. Tony Huang
Prof. Tony Huang
Swinburne University, Australia
Title: Understanding How Network Performance Affects User Experience
Much research has been done to support remote collaboration on physical tasks. However, the focus of the research has been mainly on system and interface design and their impact on collaboration. Relatively less attention has been paid to investigating how network performance can affect user experience and task performance. In this talk, I will present a research work on this issue in which participants were asked to work collaboratively in pair using a remote mobile tele-assistance system we developed. In this study, five network scenarios were examined and network performance (QoS) was measured using four metrics including delay, jitter, bandwidth and packet loss. User experience (QoE) was measured using both objective and subjective metrics. The formal included time taken and number of instructions repeated for task performance while the latter included user ratings of quality of audio experience, quality of video experience and overall quality of experience. The results indicated that the packet loss rate in QoS is the biggest contributor to loss in QoE. I will also discuss implications of the research and possible directions of future work.
Professor Huang received his PhD in computer science from University of Sydney in 2008 and Master degree in software engineering from Newcastle University in 2002. He is currently Director of Collaboration and Visual Analytics Research Lab at the Swinburne University, Australia. His main research interest is in Human Machine Interaction and Data Analytics. He is the author of over 100 publications. Professor Huang is Associate Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor of Journal of Visual Languages and Computing (SCI indexed A journal) and a guest editor for several prestigious SCI indexed journals including International Journal of Human Computer Studies (SCI indexed A journal). He is a founding chair of the technical committee on visual analytics and communication for IEEE SMC Society. He has served as a conference chair, a PC chair, or an organization chair for a number of international conferences.