Prof. Durgesh Samadhiya
Prof. Durgesh Samadhiya
Chung Hua University, Chinese Taipei
Title: Toward Intelligent Health Care and use of Information Technology in health care using Artificial Intelligence
Health is wealth is a famous proverb. Health always comes as top priority for everyone’s life. Now a day’s chronic diseases and suffering due to it are on rise in all over the worldwide. The term “Artificial Intelligence” includes many technologies that’s plays significant role in health care to cure the serious disease. Because of Artificial Intelligence (AI), health care organizations appear to be preparing themselves for the next technological step that is moving toward fulfilling medicine’s aim and achieving its ideal. According to Nils J. Nilsson “Artificial intelligence is that activity devoted to making machines intelligent, and intelligence is that quality that enables an entity to function appropriately and with foresight in its environment”. AI (artificial intelligence) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include learning, reasoning, analysis and self-correction. Particular applications of AI include expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision. Artificial Intelligence health system is providing the support and provision of healthcare services using different technologies including mobile communication devices. AI health system development shows the essential potential impact on the healthcare service industry. This paper overviews important AI use cases in healthcare focusing on the AI smart services in health system. It focuses on recent development of smart health systems. Smart methods are described for AI health system development, including multi-agent architectures, semantics-oriented information sharing, and operation with multisource heterogeneous data. Finally focus on the role of AI in health care medical and its benefits to cure the serious disease/illness.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Health care, disease, smart medical system, Medical technologies.
Dr Durgesh Samadhiya is a scientist at the Emerging Device Division department of National Applied Research Laboratories, Hsinchu Taiwan, working on the IoT tag for all the products around the world that can give you the information about the product and location of the product. Previously he was a Research Fellow at Chung Hua University, Taiwan. He holds a PhD degree in Method Engineering of Software Engineering from Taiwan, Master Degree in computer Science from College of Engineering Roorkee, India and Bachlor degree in Mathematics, Physics from Agra university, Agra. He has published good number of research papers in International Journal and Conference proceeding indexed in Science Citation Index, Ei compendex, Google Scholar, database and logic programming (DBLP), Web of Science. He published the paper on Capability Maturity Model and Testing Maturity Model, Quality Models, Innovative Solution to Software Project Problems using TRIZ, semantic web, XML Interoperability, Mobile Sensors, BrainWave Entrainment, cuff-less blood pressure sensors, Single Inductor Multi-Output (SIMO) DC-DC Converter, Flexible Capacitive Touch Panel, Meta Software Engineering, D2D Communication and many more. His Research interest is Software Engineering, Software Testing, Electronic Engineering and IC designing. He is serving for many International Journals. He has participated in the scientific committee, International committee of several conferences and associations and serves as a reviewer in a wide range of international journals and Conferences.